About NextGen Long Term Care Planning

Cassandra Watson (DeKing) is one of the nation’s top Long-Term Care Planning Specialists. She entered the Long-Term Care industry after witnessing her parents’ efforts to juggle her grandfather’s care, which was unsupported by Medicare or health insurance. His care needs lasted for six years, where he received care in hospitals, from at-home caregivers, assisted living facilities and, finally, a nursing home.

His long-term care experience led Cassandra to see the value and prudence in planning for extended care. His care expenses at home ran about $4,500.00 per month at that time and the cost only increased during the last years of his life. She watched as her mom experienced the burdens of caring for a parent, while dealing with the needs of her own family at the same time. Cassandra felt the impact it had on her mom, as a member of the “sandwich generation” (an individual who is sandwiched between the needs of an older parent and his/her own children). Unfortunately, it was only after her grandfather’s death that they discovered Long-Term Care insurance.

The legacy of that experience is your benefit: Cassandra knows how crucial it is to help other families plan for the physical, emotional and financial burdens that long-term care places on loved ones. In fact, the family experience was so poignant that Cassandra’s mom entered the Long-Term Care Insurance industry herself. Cassandra began to see how her mother (Mary Ann DeKing) helped clients address the financial costs and burdens of aging. After graduating from college, Cassandra first worked in retail management before deciding to join the family business. She has the unique perspective that can only come from watching her mom learn and navigate the industry.

Cassandra, in her own right, became one the most respected specialists in Long-Term Care Planning. She formed her own firm, Next-Gen LTC Planning, with the desire to communicate the need for planning for all ages.

Cassandra recognizes that individuals must plan for their own care in advance, while they are still young and healthy, so the financial and emotional burden is not placed on the family or other loved ones. Her focus is to inform individuals about the benefits available to them and guide them in selecting a plan that will help them prepare for the consequences of Long-Term Health Care (not only on individuals and their savings, but on their families and family members’ lifestyles).

Cassandra Watson has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Hillsdale College and is fluent in French and Spanish. She is licensed nationwide and is certified with the federal/state Partnership Program in each participating state. She also holds the leading designation in Long-Term Care planning, the CLTC, and is one of only a handful of professionals endorsed by the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance (AALTCI).

Perhaps most importantly for you, Cassandra works with the top insurance companies in the industry. Whether it be traditional Long-Term Care Insurance, asset-based hybrid plans with death benefits, or short-term care plans with relaxed underwriting, she can recommend an affordable and appropriate option to address the costs and burdens of aging. She understands how these plans work, how they are underwritten and how they get used at the time of claim. Her unique experience allows her to help her clients plan so they enjoy peace-of-mind knowing their assets are protected and they will never be a burden on those they love.

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